Claudia Colliva



I’m a multi-media journalist and recent SciencesPo masters graduate in Journalism and Human Rights.

I’m currently based in Paris, where I’m freelancing as a video and social media journalist for France24 (within the ENTR team) and working on projects for different international media, including BBC and Deutsche Welle

Italian by birth and third culture by upbringing, I’ve lived in Italy, Mexico, Argentina, the United Kingdom and France. I speak 4 languages and can sing in 6.

I recently completed a 6 month internship at CNN Paris, helping in the production of TV packages and news alerts, as well as writing digital stories.

In the summer of 2022, I interned at Sky News in Italy, in their digital and social media team.

Last year, I won two grants from the Journalism Fund Europe and the European Journalism Center and spent May and June of 2023 reporting on the health conditions of migrant agricultural workers in southern Italy and southern Spain.

I am most interested in covering stories centered on social justice, migration and human rights, and I’m drawn to all those pockets of the world where intersectionality blossoms.

I particularly enjoy curating multi-media journalistic projects that incorporate video, audio and print elements.

I’m passionate about literature, music, sport and food, and spend most of the time that I’m not reporting either reading, watching live sports or creating TikTok and Instagram content for my Formula 1 page 99DRSZone.

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